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Why Can't My IT Company Do the Job Right the First Time?

IT Outsourcing for Small and Medium Size Businesses: Does IT Right!

Several years ago, recognized the unique needs of the Small/Medium Business (SMB) owner and management in regards to their technology needs. Balancing budgetary concerns and technology requirements is always a major consideration. Technology that is secure, easy to use, available and mobile are top priorities. Also, keeping mobile and satellite users connected is critical to business growth. Many times a technology purchase is made without looking at possible future issues and situations. It is frustrating to look back and realize that today's technology problem could have been avoided with proper guidance and planning. can help you make the right technology choices now so that your business technology systems will have optimum flexibility in future years. A technology roadmap will save you time and money, keeping you productive and profitable. can also compliment a overworked IT staff, performing a variety of tasks better, faster and more cost-effectively than in-house IT personnel.

"All the computers in general and the DSL are working well on a consistent basis. Everyone is very happy, most especially the Pastor. So, if he is happy, then I am happy! Thanks for not only suggesting it and installing it, but for the wonderful professional manner in which it was done."

Would Your Company Benefit From a Part-Time CIO?

If your company is not large enough to justify a full-time CIO/CTO, can act as your CIO/CTO for a fraction of the cost. can provide the experience and skills to leverage your IT budget to its greatest advantage. We will help create policies, budgets, assist with the recruitment and hiring of in house IT resources and will represent your needs to outside vendors.

The IT consulting service can be a brief engagement for a specific project or an extended consultation agreement. Our staff can perform these services with a diverse range of IT knowledge and strategies to help design, implement and maintain your business IT strategy. collaborates with clients to develop effective business solutions through technology. We can implement the entire IT process; ordering hardware and software installation, configuration and maintenance. solves your network management problems by allowing you to outsource just like many large corporations.

If you think your business is too small to justify the expense of the high reliability and solid security of an enterprise (corporate) IT network, here’s great news: solves your network management problems by allowing you to outsource just like many large corporations.’s innovative outsourcing and technology partnering model helps small businesses solve their two biggest problems: cost containment and access to skilled personnel. focuses on small business technology and improved business systems, using Microsoft, Apple and Linux technologies.

Let design a technology roadmap that will ensure a safe, secure and reliable technology environment. Contact us today.